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Lack of Money can't stop you from dreaming.

In Order to Help out Deserving Students, We at CLAT PATH offers Scholarship for Clat 2024 in following ways
A. For CLAT PATH Classroom Program
First Year Complete tuition fee of NLU.


 Classroom student of CLAT PATH.

 Selection in Super - 30 through CPEST.

 Economically weaker group.

 Fee will be paid directly to NLU in first and second semester.

 One girl and one boy will be selected through lottery.

B. For Students who filled the CPEST. (Open to All)
₹ 10,000 Scholarship as cash prize


 Selection and Admission in any NLU through any category except NRI/ NRI     sponsored.

 Will be given to Students/Parents


No Need to clear CLAT PATH Super-30. A student who fails to get into our CLAT PATH Super-30 program but later qualifies the Clat and gets into any NLU, he will be eligible to get this cash prize for ₹ 10,000. Available to classroom online test series any other students who has filled the CPEST

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